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We’ve brought on new staff to help you analyse your business better. We know that the correct data is everything when running your own business.

We drive efficiency in our business and help you do the same in yours!

We’ve brought on new staff to help you analyse your business better. We know that the correct data is everything when running your own business.

We drive efficiency in our business and help you do the same in yours!

Delivering Success through Data Innovation

Many of our recent innovations are aimed at streamlining processes for your businesses. Our app, online ordering system, and our Click & Collect service are examples of services that have all helped customers use their time more effectively. Access to data through our EPOS system provides valuable information which helps customers rationalise product lines, reduce wastage, and identify slow-moving products.

Delivering success through data

Delivered Wholesale

We deliver to over 1500 customers across Scotland and the North of England (as far south as Leeds).

We are proud to be the best performing delivered wholesale convenience company in terms of accuracy of deliveries, and invoicing/paperwork as well as product availability. We aim to ensure that you have the correct stock ordered when you need it to run your business as smoothly as possible.

delivered wholesale

Our Purpose-built Distribution Facility

The move to Westway has led to an improvement in efficiency, capacity and capability. We now have a 16-metre-high warehouse with 211 solar panels covering 400 sq m of roof space, 12 loading docks, and a four-floor pick tower that can hold approximately 1,520 pallets. Gravity-fed live racking also has a semi-automated shuttle system with 1,155 pallets of Filshill’s fastest-selling products. It’s a purpose-built facility to serve our customers for the present and future.

purpose built facility

Reliability & Process

Our deliveries are routed to match all our customer’s needs and are typically made within 48 hours of the order. The minimum order requirements are 50 units (excluding tobacco products).

reliability and process

What our Retailers are saying!

Many of our KeyStore retailers have been with us for years. Working in collaboration with store owners is at the heart of our business. We promise to Deliver Success by helping you improve your sales and margins.
Arul Gnanasundaram
KeyStore Alloa, Plean, Kinross
It’s a brand that speaks for itself – it’s a brand I feel very comfortable with, very proud of, and I think part of that is because Filshill is very much a family business, a business that understands that it’s customers are running family businesses too. There’s a genuine understanding and desire to go the extra mile for you – in the same way that I go the extra mile for my customers.
Bradley Ogg
KeyStore Rothes
They were very helpful during the process. They got in touch with a shop-fitter and he got me plans for the site, then made sure I was happy, and they came up and blitzed it within 2 months. My BDM took me round some KeyStore's that had been refitted and showed me some different ideas. The store was taking about £2k to £3k a week under the previous owner and now its taking in 5 figures per week.
Arul Gnanasundaram
KeyStore Alloa, Plean & Kinross
The first thing I noticed was how helpful and friendly the delivery drivers were – it wasn’t just a case of dropping off the cages. If I didn’t have enough staff on duty the drivers would put everything where it was meant to go. Previously, I wouldn’t always know when deliveries were coming so it was hard to sort out staff rotas but with KeyStore everything is well organised and time efficient.
Chris Watson
KeyStore Corseford
Filshill have always branded themselves as being a family and I think that is a fantastic way to run a business. The ethos of how they run their business is definitely how I run mine. They are very good and help in more ways than I can say. A very good company to deal with.
Jazz Lalli
KeyStore Broadloan
Working with the Filshill team has been a fantastic experience. As a business we’ve dealt with Filshill for many years and feel very much part of the family, so when we bought Broadloan we knew they would pull out all the stops to help us get it right. Overall store sales are increasing weekly, and we’re absolutely delighted with the end result that’s been achieved at KeyStore Broadloan.
Barrie Carter
KeyStore More Customer
I’ve seen a rise in takings of 29.7%
AJ Benning
KeyStore Cowal View, Gourock
The business has just boomed
Mo Zubair
KeyStore Customer
Everything is brilliant with KeyStore
Tony Hewson
KeyStore Express Customer
For me Filshill are like a silent partner. They want your business, so if you have a problem they will always find a solution, and their service is fantastic.

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