Access to data drives co-prosperity with all our customers. With our innovative mind set and investment in technology we will ensure your business is as efficient, profitable and sustainable as it can be.

Access to data drives co-prosperity with all our customers. With our innovative mind set and investment in technology we will ensure your business is as efficient, profitable and sustainable as it can be.

Are you a tech-savvy, data-driven entrepreneur?

Without data, it is almost impossible to run your business efficiently. All our services ensure that data is available to help drive profitability and inform business decisions. We have the experience to advise you on the best technology solution for your business, which will help you free up time so you can spend it on running your business more effectively and profitably. We can also drill into your location and create a plan that is relevant to your specific geographic area.

What Data

Our EPOS system is a superb example, providing real-time data to create powerful algorithms on purchase behaviour on brands and products.

Our cloud-based business intelligence software, Phocas, and Power BI allow our RDMs to pinpoint opportunities being missed by retailers, improving their range in a meaningful way that adds to their bottom line. It is cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere and via various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Our data analysts will analyse our customer’s data and present them with options to improve efficiency.

How can you use data?

Technology will drive efficiencies, and the next 5-10 years will see tremendous advances in being able to utilise technology to run our businesses better. Those who are early adopters will be the ones that get ahead of the competition.

Many of our recent innovations are aimed at streamlining processes for your businesses. Our app, online ordering system, and our Click & Collect service are examples of services that have all helped customers use their time more effectively.

We’ve brought on new staff to help you analyse your business better. We know that the correct data is everything when running your own business.

Data how its-used

What our Suppliers are saying!

Here are some quotes from this year’s advantage reports. Thanks to the staff from the brands who wrote these recommendations – we are very grateful for your support.
Samantha Howard
Sr. Customer Business Manager, Nestle
Filshill are a great company to work with, they are second to none for embracing technology to provide forecasting in a transparent, collaborative way which is so helpful in planning. They are so supportive of our new products and marketing campaigns and their KeyStore fascia is a great platform for retail collaboration in the convenience sector.
Sean Whelan
Business Account Manager, Pladis
We have a truly collaborative relationship with the whole team at Filshill and are proud to be a partner of theirs. Having greater visibility into orders and ordering patterns is a huge value add. It takes much of the heavy lifting out of forecasting and reduces the volatility and risk to the supply chain.
Adam Turner
Customer Director, HEINEKEN UK
We work together positively in all key areas – from data analysis, ensuring robust and accurate forecasts to ensure best in class availability, launching leading category innovation, to jointly executing fantastic shopper and consumer activations driving interest and excitement into the beer and cider fixtures for their customers and shoppers.
Andrew Staley
Business Account Manager, KP Snacks
Always acting with integrity, to action what they say they will do, sharing valuable data & insight, whilst communicating and working closely with us on key opportunities to drive our brands into their customers, through their best In class execution, platforms, delivery and disciplined retail offering, ensures that JW Filshill are the perfect partner.
Daria Kuznetsova
Commercial Controller, Off Trade Wholesale, AB-Inbev
Budweiser have an excellent relationship with Filshill. They’re second to none when it comes to forecasting, sharing data, and collaborating on joint business plans. Filshill particularly excel with their digital capabilities, constantly displaying exciting offers with a retailer focus & for consumers.
Ian Johnstone
Business Unit Director Wholesale, AG Barr
One area that makes working with Filshill so productive is their collaborative use of data, informing and educating us both so we make the right decisions for our brands, their retailers, and consumers. We have multiple examples of how this use of data has driven success stories for all parties involved. It is a pleasure to work with the full team at Filshill who are all experts in their fields.
Ian Williams
Pepsico Commercial Controller
We have collaboratively worked with Filshill since the launch of their online digital platform and the team at Filshill execute flawlessly! The platform gives us the opportunity to drive awareness of the Walkers best sellers and helps launch new campaigns and products effectively. It’s a great way to engage the key decision makers in the retail industry and helps us drive growth into the category.
Joanne Clark
Business Account Manager, Purina
Our current relationship with Filshill goes from strength to strength, always looking to improve efficiency and always build a great working relationship. Filshill is a business where nothing is ever too much of a problem and are always looking for ways to drive business.
Matthew Gouldsmith
Channel Director, Suntory Beverage & Food
At Suntory we are proud of our close working relationship with Filshill. We work together to maximise our commercial opportunities to deliver the best results and range for the Retailer. Filshill provide sales data and insight that enables us to give the best recommendations for the Retailer and Consumer, and to work effectively with our supply and service to ensure the best availability. 
Nick Williams
Head of Impulse Sales, Tayto
Filshill has been an invaluable partner to Tayto Group for many years. Their dedication to understanding consumer preferences and retailer needs has allowed us to tailor our offerings, driving strong sales and customer satisfaction. Their open approach to data sharing and forecasting has enabled us to make informed decisions and adapt swiftly to market changes.
Paige Trotter
Account Manager North, Whyte and Mackay
Whyte & Mackay enjoy an extremely collaborative and successful relationship with JW Filshill, one which has grown significantly these past few years. We view Filshill as a strategic partner guaranteed to deliver “best in class” execution through their highly disciplined retail fascia, Keystore.
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