Proud of Being a Scottish Family Business

How being a family business is a part of the Filshill DNA.
How being a family business is a part of the Filshill DNA.

One of our fundamental core values is ‘Proud of The Filshill Family.’ Sometimes, core values can be seen as pleasant words. Our core values are part of our DNA.

As one of Scotland’s oldest independent food and drink wholesalers, we have been a family business since our inception, and we are now on to our fifth generation.

We see ourselves as a “business for families”, and our strategy concentrates on the long-term stability for all our colleagues, as well as growing the business to create new jobs within our community and, of course, getting the company in good shape for the 6th generation.

Our company started as a confectionery manufacturer, serving Scotland’s sweet tooth for 55 years before we opened our first cash-and-carry operation.

Developing into a delivered goods business in the 1960s, we decided to pull out of manufacturing to concentrate on the cash and carry and delivered wholesale companies.

We moved to Hillington in 1994 and expanded the warehouse twice before moving to Westway.

Throughout our history, we have remained a family business. We’ve had 26 different families work within our business. We are not a big corporate machine; we can look at emotional and financial issues. Like most families around the dinner table, we like to have open discussions. Although we are thoroughly professional, we also see ourselves as open and honest, two essential family traits in our day-to-day activities.

We also work with many family businesses, and we understand the business pressures of being a family business and the unique position that family businesses occupy.