Simon Hannah on World Mental Health Day

CEO Simon Hannah on Filshill's Mental Health Approach.
CEO Simon Hannah on Filshill's Mental Health Approach.


There are lots of people sharing incredibly brave stories about their own mental health today.

I want to share the JW Filshill journey of how we are approaching not only the #MentalHealth of the #FilshillFamily but our collective #wellbeing in the hope that anyone reading this can take some of these ideas and introduce them into their business.


• Allocate accountability within your business. We have the incredible Amanda Casey, Safety and Wellbeing Manager
• We have 30 fully trained Mental Health First Aiders ⛑️ and 6 #Cancer Ambassadors
• 216 support interventions have been made to date supporting colleagues, customers and suppliers
• Every meeting we have starts with a 2 word check-in (1 word to describe how are you feeling at home and 1 word for how are you feeling at work)
• This is a great way for individuals to use this as a mechanism to seek help and break down stigma
• Leadership vulnerability is so important and avoiding “toxic positivity” is paramount
• Signposting individuals for additional support is important GroceryAid is an incredible resource for this.


We believe that a proactive approach to Wellbeing is essential and have identified 6 areas to focus on.

Sleep 💤
Exercise 🏃🏻‍♂️
Social interaction 💬
Hobbies / Activities 🎨
Helping others 🖐️
Stress Management 😤

Our wellbeing team organise activities through the year linked to these aligned to our overall wellbeing event calendar 🗓️

I would be delighted to speak with anyone who is keen to make a start, struggling to gain traction within their business or if you think your boss would like to have a chat please tag them in comments.

I would love to hear what others are doing within their businesses