Filshill Supplier Partnerships
Bringing you Great Suppliers. With Great Products. At Great Prices.

Our Supplier Partnership scheme is a unique service for our customers. We stock a huge range of products at
our Hillington base, especially top brands. Your customers want a larger range to choose from. That’s where
our Supplier Partnership scheme comes in. With our buying power, we have arranged special preferential
prices for our KeyStore customers with over 40 suppliers. From chilled and frozen produce, to bakery produce,
and from ‘food to go’ products to fresh fruit and vegetables, we have it all covered.
This means you get agreed low prices and great promotional offers, and although each supplier will deliver directly
to you, you will be invoiced by Filshill, rather than attract dozens of invoices from different suppliers. Our customers
tell us we have the most accurate invoicing out of all our competitors so you can be assured that you will get
invoices that are easy to check, saving you time and effort.
Speak to your RDM to set up an account, get up to date pricing or information on the geographical reach of each

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