KeyStore reserve the rights to promote the activities agreed and funded.

The maximum fund allowance per enquiry is set at £300.

Up to £100 will be paid without match funding.

Any application between £100-£300 must be match funded.

Our new community campaign has been created to tie in with communities around our 170+ shops across Scotland and Northern England.

We do not want to be prescriptive about the types of project that you are wanting supported.  However, remember we are a food and drink supplier, so food and drink projects will be positively judged. Some project examples may be:

  • Local school sports day (free water to be given to all school pupils on that day)
  • Sponsored sets of football/hockey/rugby strips for schools or local clubs
  • Planting trees or creating Fruit/Vegetable gardens/pods in schools
  • Holiday Feeding programme support – helping to feed the most vulnerable children in your local area
  • Purchase of community equipment, such as a defibrillator, or local community group equipment

The upper limit for each project is £300.

We will chose applications based on the applications themselves, so please give us as much information as you can within the project description.

The application forms must be filled in by KeyStore Shop Owners.

Funding will be dependent on the application and the overall KeyStore fund available.