One of the most popular ways of ordering on the Filshill website with many customers is the Barcode reader. Its a simple hand held barcode scanner which the customer uses to scan the barcode on the product.

Once the customer has finished scanning all products its a simple case of logging onto the Filshill website, plugging in the barcode scanner by USB cable and then simply uploading the contents of the scanner to their account. Once the upload is complete the customer is prompted to empty the scanner of all existing data to prevent any dupicate orders upon the next upload and proceed with their order

Please see the images below as a  brief visual guide to the upload process


Once correct scanner has been chosen  you will be prompted to select the barcode file as highlighted below


Users will be prompted to select correct file like below by first selecting CS300 scanner which will display the correct folders Scanned Barcodes


Once this Scanned barcodes folder is clicked the actual barcodes.txt file can then be selected and uploaded like below by simply double clicking it like below


Once the file is selected the user will be returned to the original web page and simply has to press upload to complete the upload process



Once upload is complete, the user will be prompted to clear their scanner and add the products to their basket